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The Story...

 I'm Airynne (pronounced Erin).


I started G27 Boutiques as a 17 yr old high school senior. I was looking to fill idol time during the Covid Pandemic, as well as earn a few coins to pur toward senior activites and fees. Fast forward to today & I'm still a teen, but living my best collegiate life.


If you let my Mom tell the story, I've always had a passion for fashion & an innate desire to be an influencer. She will readily tell the tale of asking 5yr old me what I wanted to do when I grow up and how I excitedly answered "motivate people!"  She followed up with "motivate them to do what?", to which I responded "whatever they want".

I never really considered myself a brand. I moreso considered this endeavor as a means to an end. I've come to realize, that not only am I a brand, I"m a brand passionate about beauty diversity and inclusiveness, body positivity, female empowerment and of course personal style.


That realization has transformed this endeavor into opportunity for me 1st and foremost be my own hero, and through representation and creative expression, to champion social movements that align with my personal values, and work to inspire in others the same confidence/empowerement that style, and fashion inspires in me.

College is challenging and I've had to recalibrate my entrepreneurial vision. After a short break, I deceded to relaunch G27 Boutique on a limited scale. My focus will be my EyeFlare Brand, but I will also have some limited apparel and accessory offerings. 

Thank you for choosing G27 Boutique, and 

Madison faux leather pleated skirt
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